Wanderlust. Perhaps it’s not a word you would use to describe yourself. At least not until you meet Wendy.

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Wendy Livingston Guth, the founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. Wendy is a travel advisor that helps people plan family trips, weekend getaways, work retreats and more.

Running a business that so many people put into their bucket list, it’s crucial that Wendy nail who her ideal client is to keep her travel company sailing. On this episode, we break down exactly what Wendy does, who she does it for and how her work changes people.

We talk about how traveling the world can help you to value your own country even more, what a travel advisor does and how travel advisors work with clients. She shares what her ideal client is and why she loves to help people create memories and build a sense of wanderlust.

We talk about:

  • What Wendy’s business does
  • Wendy’s viewpoint on traveling
  • How she started working in the association world
  • Why you need an organizer when traveling
  • What a travel advisor does
  • The different ways that travel advisors work with clients
  • Understanding what you want to get out of travel
  • Wendy’s ideal clients
  • Heritage travel, work retreats and mother-daughter experiences
  • Where Wendy wants to travel to 
  • Making travel accessible to everyone
  • Creating memories and building a sense of wanderlust
  • Learning to value your country by seeing the world
  • How people can work with Wendy

About Wendy Livingston Guth:

Wendy Livingston Guth is the founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. She creates memorable travel experiences that create space to breathe, heal, process, and celebrate life’s transitions. With 30+ years of experience, Wendy has planned 1000s of events from Hong Kong to Honolulu, Calgary to Canberra, Barcelona to Buenos Aires, Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. These have included intimate gatherings for as few as 10 people to conferences for as many as 3,500 people.

Rebel on the Go was born in 2016 out of Wendy’s desire to help women shake their personal and professional “whatevers” that are holding them back through adventurous experiences. By combining her extensive experience in both events and travel, she offers both pre-planned group travel experiences and customized private group outings.

Join Wendy in her Facebook group – Rebel on the Go Community at http://bit.ly/JoinRebelontheGo – to shake your “whatevers,” meet an amazing group of women, receive a daily dose of on the go rebellion, and plan your next transformative adventure!

Connect with Wendy:

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