Want to know the secret to attract clients to your business? Storytelling. Without it, your dream clients won’t know what you do or how you can serve them.

Whether it’s through copy or when you are speaking with a potential client, you should be leading them to your direction through the words you are using. 

On today’s on-air strategy session, I am talking to Melody Morris, of Total Energy Healing USA. I chat with her about the importance of setting up a story for clients before you even meet them and figuring out which online platforms to show up on.

If you’ve ever felt unsure or nervous about how you tell your story then this episode will help to give you more clarity on the matter. 

We talk about:

  • What Melody does in her business
  • Owning your muchness
  • How Melody works best with her clients
  • The type of client that Melody serves
  • How facing hard hurdles brought her to start her business
  • The clarity Melody is searching for in her business
  • The process that her clients go through
  • How clients will know that Melody’s healing process is for them
  • What clients experience on the inside before reaching out to her
  • The importance of storytelling to bring your clients to you
  • Getting out of our heads as a perfectionist
  • Figuring out which platforms to focus on
  • Creating warm leads through her other platforms
  • Taking the pressure off of yourself 
  • Setting a goal with how to show up on social media

About Melody Morris:

I am Melody Morris of Total Energy Healing USA. I am an inspirational speaker and a Shamanic Healer. I help women who have experienced sexual or relationship trauma release it and move forward into the life and relationships they desire and deserve. I have studied multiple energy healing modalities for more than 2 decades, both from scientific and spiritual aspects.

Connect with Melody:

Website | Book An Appointment | Facebook Page | Facebook Group

About Marketing Magic:

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