Does the thought of social media and building community online completely terrify you? What if it’s the main way you promote your business?

As a business owner, it’s almost crazy to not use social media as an asset to your business and as a visibility tool. But if you’re someone who enjoys privacy, avoid the spotlight and feels uncomfortable with small talk, social platforms can give you the hives — just thinking about putting yourself out in the open over and over. 

On today’s on-air strategy session I am chatting with Emma Lee Bates, a sales page builder and copywriter, who hates the idea of showing up on social media for her business, but knows it’s a must.

We chat about her process for creating content and creating an online community. I share a few of my own tricks for managing social media as an introvert and how to begin sharing parts of your story with your audience.

If the thought of social media completely overwhelms you then you’ll want to tune in to this episode!

We talk about:

  • Emma’s business model and how it has transformed
  • Her favorite platforms to use for her work
  • The clients that resonate most with Emma’s work
  • Connecting with other women through her copy
  • Doing marketing as an introvert
  • Emma’s process for creating content
  • How people find her business 
  • Emma’s thoughts on community and her brand
  • How Mallory manages her social media and community
  • Setting reminders for yourself to interact and engage
  • Knowing when to be vulnerable online
  • How to begin sharing parts of your story
  • Discovering what makes you stand out

About Emma Lee Bates:

I am lucky enough to be a mother to three awesome children, ages 10, 8 and 4.

And I’m crazy enough to try and run an online business or two. I have started five businesses in the last 10 years. Some of them were very successful, (I even sold one!) and others were total failures.

If I’m not working on my blog or business, you can find me watching New Girl with my husband and eating ice cream.

Connect with Emma:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Business Building for Busy Moms

About Marketing Magic:

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