One of the biggest setbacks that brick and mortar business owners face is getting people in the door. Add the fact that a lot of local businesses cater to niche markets AND can be seasonal — and it makes for a challenging time growing a business.

On today’s on-air marketing strategy session, we will be chatting with Rosie Samad, a franchise owner of Wine and Design, a paint and sip studio in Winston-Salem, NC.

We dive into how Rosie can fill her brand new kids summer camps and figure out exactly how she should be marketing these events.

I share the importance of building excitement online. We also dive into how a personal invite can get your business on people’s radar and how to leverage community events to get in front of your target audience.

On this episode we talk about:

  • What Rosie’s business is and her typical clientele
  • The structure of her summer camps
  • Her current struggles with finding her target audience
  • Rosie’s current marketing strategy and what’s working for her business
  • Social media visibility and using interest-based ads
  • A personal approach to bringing people into the event
  • Mallory’s advice on how to increase engagement and build excitement
  • The process for booking a class
  • How their summer camp differs from its competitors
  • Using referral sources and community events for exposure

About Rosie Samad:

Rosie is a lifelong artist but a fairly new business owner. She was raised in Raleigh and moved to the triad in 2009 to attend UNCG. There she studied Theatre to become a director.  Upon graduating, Rosie realized she missed painting and creating with her hands. The opportunity to open an art studio of her own came across her lap at the perfect time and she has been open since September 2017.

Connect with Rosie: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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