Launching a brand new product or service can be scary.

How do you price it?

How do you package it up and tie it with a pretty marketing bow?

Will the market pay as much as you want to charge because you know how valuable it is– and they may not yet?

This and so much more was on the agenda for today’s guest: Joanna Sapir, a business coach, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs create a more profitable and sustainable business through automation and sales processes.

On today’s on-air strategy session, I chat with Joanna, a former high school history teacher and teacher educator who got started as an entrepreneur when she decided to open her own gym. After selling her business, she started working as a coach and consultant to help people systemize and streamline their business. We chat about what she is currently struggling with and how to determine where to price your digital products and services.

We talk about:

  • How Joanna got started as a business coach
  • Why Joanna decided on Active Campaign for her clients
  • Joanna’s clients and what they need help within their business
  • How she teaches her clients about automation for their business
  • The mindset that clients must have for automated services
  • Importance of a consultation and vetting your clients
  • The ultimate result to aim for in your business
  • Affiliate income and how to integrate that into your client sequence
  • Mallory’s advice to Joanna on pricing strategies for her digital products and services

About Joanna:

Joanna Sapir is a Business Coach, competitive Olympic-style Weightlifter, and Commander-in-Chief of the Ginger Army. She has been a teacher and mentor her whole life from the classroom to the gym floor and now to businesses across the world – helping consultants, coaches, and changemakers that are skilled at their craft and passionate about what they do build profitable, sustainable and fulfilling businesses. Learn more at

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