You know the adage you can’t see the forest for the trees?

Today’s podcast episode epitomizes this phrase. Our on-air marketing strategy session today is with Amelia Roberts, a visibility expert, who knows exactly what she does but was struggling with how to explain it and its value to potential clients.

I LOVE what she does so much — every single entrepreneur needs her help — so I can’t wait for you to hear us dive into the nuances of explaining what she does and breaking it down into terms anyone can understand.

“Take time to figure out what are the stories that sell what you do.” – Mallory Schlabach

If you’ve ever struggled with putting into words what you do, this episode is for you.

Amelia Roberts is a relationship practitioner and visibility coach who works with her clients to design a professional network and their career around a way of life that supports them best. She helps people figure out who to meet, why, and what to say.

“I make people visible by putting them in front of people who want to hear more about what they do.” – Amelia Jones

We talk about:

  • What Amelia does & how she serves her clients
  • The clients that Amelia currently works with
  • Why some call Amelia a B2B matchmaker
  • How her packages are structured
  • Where Amelia needs clarity the most in her business
  • How she would explain the Dream 100
  • What her ideal clients want most
  • The importance of building a network that supports you
  • How Amelia finds most of her clients
  • The results that she is able to get for those that work with her

Connect with Amelia :

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin

About Amelia:

Amelia knows how it feels to feel like you are your industries best-kept secret. As a visibility and marketing coach, Amelia helps professionals in regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial, legal, step away from “just a good team player” status, and fully own their unique mind lowing value so they can get to Yes! quicker, faster, easier and more often. Amelia works with professionals and founders alike, to prepare them to be seen, clarify their message so that their unique value is easily understood. Her client range from them finding the remote job of their dreams, to securing new customers, to generating 400 leads in under 4 weeks.

Links We Mention:

The Dream 100

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