Why is that we tend to way overcomplicate things in life?

Like everything from what a look means, to made-up conversations we roleplay, to what to have for dinner and how our children will turn out.

It’s no different when we’re running our own business.

From the moment we take on all the risks to create our future and kiss financial security good-bye, we also start to complicate how to create, grow and market our business idea.

Not anymore, my friends.

What I’m about to introduce to you is a system I’ve used with clients for the past decade to simplify their marketing so they can actually start seeing consistent results — it just never had a name.
Today I’m teaching you my Marketing Magic 1×1 System — the fastest way to see growth in your business guaranteed.

The Marketing Magic 1×1 System is simple.

It means your business needs to have ONE niche on ONE main platform with ONE optin and ONE consistent channel for content creation, and eventually, 1 place driving traffic to this funnel.

Before I break this down, let me tell you a story.

When I first started taking on private clients three years ago I felt like I needed to pave my own way in the online space. And I also felt like I knew nothing.

There were so many loud voices online that were telling me how to gain 1,000 leads on my list, how to book high-ticket clients, how to sell from Facebook groups, how to make a million dollars from product launches.

It was overwhelming.

Let’s go back in time.

So for 18 months, I threw myself and money at the shiniest things I could find that looked like they were working for those dang ads showing up in my News Feed.

And I accomplished nothing but a lot of fear, doubt, self-critics and wasted money.

When I looked at what I had been focusing on, I realized I was merely trying to play catch up in 30 days to someone’s years of entrepreneurial journey.

I mean, we don’t say that aloud, but it’s what is really going on.

I had to look at what was working for people and throw it out the window.

I wanted more than anything to build a business that gave me freedom — the freedom to be my own boss, to create financial freedom for my family, to take these blonde-haired kids to Disney, to create something that was uniquely mine.

But I was focusing on the wrong thing. And I had spent so much money on things that didn’t pan out.

I had been running in circles doubting myself and my skills for 18 months that I didn’t know what was up or down anymore. I felt like a failure and I was a mess — on the outside, you’d never have guessed.

I needed to know how to start and grow a successful business — building an empire comes next.

Light bulb. I already knew how to start.

I’ve been a marketer nearly my whole career. I’ve spent more hours starting things that having kids — which is impressive.
So I started back at the basics and went back to what I knew to be true about marketing.

Simple always outperforms complicated.

Metrics never lie.

What made the difference?

I stopped trying to be noble and focused on what I knew best: marketing.

But doing what your good at, isn’t enough to run a business.

You have to do what you’re good at AND know something about business.

But doing what I was good at wasn’t enough. Sure, it brought in some clients was business was still up and down way too much for my liking.

I would be drowning in work, then go to ground afraid someone would hire me because I didn’t want to turn money away — then when I resurfaced after a project, it would be like starting everything all over again.

Wasn’t doing what you love supposed to be easier?

I was more stressed than I was simply pouring money into things I had no business investing in as a new entrepreneur.

I was working all the time and for what? For chaos?

I had to do something different. I needed to take myself out of the equation and treat myself like a client.

What did we focus on in the 7-figure business I ran the marketing for?

One good thing at a time.

I thought if I could apply the same principle I use with 7-figure clients to my own fledgling business, I, too, would eventually have a 7-figure business.

So I focused on one good thing at a time.

I focus on the audience I was most familiar with, the offering they asked about the most and started talking about it on the platform I was most comfortable with.

In the first year, I had a $30,000 swing in revenue.

From -$5,000 to $25,000.

Now, I was hesitant even though I KNEW IT WORKED.

Wouldn’t I be basically alienating every other single person on the planet that might possibly be a good client? I mean, if I can do marketing for female entrepreneurs, I’m pretty sure I can do it for restaurants, products, startups — anything. The principles never change.

But then I saw that when I narrowed my message to talk to only female entrepreneurs and branded everything hot pink, I was still getting inquiries for male business owners who wanted help.

I was simply attracting the dreamy clients I wanted in droves and still able to bring in other types of clients who resonated with how I work, despite the pink.

Isn’t that exactly what we want as business owners?

Now let’s get to the 1×1 System:

First. You need ONE NICHE to focus on.  I know the best way to serve your business and give growth a fair shot, is to test one niche at a time. Resist the urge to do your top 3.

My niche is female entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses.

My clients, however, have been authors, startups, brick + mortar businesses both male and female — all needing the same thing: a strategy to grow their businesses.

Next: Throw everything you’ve got into ONE PLATFORM. Yes, it’s likely you have people on nearly every social platform these days. Do you know how many people you actually need to build a viable business? Not a million. So start small, stay focused and watch it grow.

You all know I’m terrified like a baby of Instagram — it’s because I’ve focused everything I have on Facebook until I’m ready to start a new audience, who will interact differently, need different things and force me to show up differently. Not something I need if laser-focus is what grows businesses.

Third: For the love of tacos, limit yourself to ONE OPTIN: You’re growing a lean business made up of one person. You. If you don’t want to feel like a chicken with your head cut off every day you’re working, then trust me on this. You want one path to drive people towards what you do.

Clarity breeds action, both by you and your leads.

If you go to my website, hear my talk on a podcast or watch my Facebook business page, about the only thing I promote that requires an email address is my Get Visible Guide that teaches you step-by-step how to get your business visible. That’s it, folks.

Fourth: Post your best content consistently on ONE CONTENT CREATION CHANNEL: One of my favorite questions to ask in a strategy session is where do you post content? Usually, I get an answer like this: Facebook, Instagram is my favorite, I do a blog twice a month, I am thinking about starting a podcast, Twitter is not my favorite and I’ve just started making connections on LinkedIn.

To which I always reply: Wow that sounds like a lot of work.

Showing up in ALL the places sounds lovely.

But what happens when you show up on all the places, have 180 things going on with your business and no real plan?

Nothing. Sounds familiar?

Kill it on one platform.

Love to write? Blog your heart out and spend 80% of your time distributing it everywhere.
Like to talk? Go live. Do a podcast. Create videos.

When you get these things nailed down — you’ll know it.

Business comes to you, exactly how you want it.
Clients you couldn’t have made up, fall into your lap.

Then the final piece: Drive ONE SOURCE of traffic to your fully-functional, successful marketing funnel. 
Why is it last? Because until you have those four things nailed down, all the traffic in the world won’t turn into clients.

Remember when I was at a crossroads — can I make this business viable on my own or do I call it an expensive experiment?

I was attracting everyone and no one.

I was afraid I had no idea what I was doing.

I spent hours online with nothing to show for it.

I put so much pressure on myself to get it right.

You can do this.

Simple always outperforms complicated.

Metrics never lie.