If someone would have told you what the road to owning your own business looked like, would you have still done it?

I imagine candid conversations about what entrepreneurship looks like may scare a few off, but for most of us, it’s like a deep drive we didn’t know we had.

And knowing what’s possible, both good and bad, only stirs up that drive more.

Just because something will be hard, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pursued.

On today’s episode, I chat with  Lilah Higgins, a branding expert who helps design brands for business owners and runs a leadership training community for faith-based entrepreneurs. Lilah’s been in business for more than eight years, pivoted several times, gone up, gone down and everywhere in between, and she shares what her journey’s been like in an honest way, you won’t hear anywhere else.

This is what entrepreneurship really looks like.

Here’s a little of what you can expect in this episode:

  • The surprises no one tells you about when you become an entrepreneur
  • What to do when your business plans don’t turn out as you want
  • How your business growth actually will look, vs what everyone online preaches
  • How you can integrate your faith with business successfully
  • Why you need people in your business

About Lilah: 

Alongside her husband, Lilah Higgins is the co-founder of TheForge, a leadership training community for faith-driven business owners. She designs and coaches established business owners through her brand agency, The Higgins Creative. Taking her fine art training & strategic mind into the online space, she helps clients brand cohesively and effectively across platforms, bringing them the confidence they need to become industry leaders.

Connect with Lilah: 

Higgins Creative
The Forge Community

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