What is it about stories that we can’t help but wait to hear the ending?

It’s the reason the Voice, or America’s Got Talent or any reality show that used B-roll to tell a contestant’s back story has me sobbing on my couch.

Stories matter.

So why do we try so hard to market ourselves, and leave the story out?

On today’s episode, I chat with guest expert Dallin Nead, a content marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs around in the world in all markets tell their story through video to humanize a brand.

Here’s a little of what you can expect in this episode:

  • How to combat the lie we tell ourselves that we don’t have interesting stories
  • The power of using stories in your marketing
  • What helped him skyrocket his business in the first 7 months
  • Why we get sucked into the Bachelorette/Bachelor every season
  • How to connect with influencers at any level

About Dallin: 

Dallin Nead is a content marketing expert, storyteller, and entrepreneur focused on partnering with businesses to accomplish one goal – to create industry leaders through content that works.

Dallin puts the strategy into action with the story maximizer plan aimed at producing high-quality (and highly-effective) content at scale to flood the online world with you, the entrepreneur and expert. Content that simply guides your customers to buy what you offer and meets your goals. All packaged up in the custom strategy services provided by Content Supply.

Before all of this Dallin was just a Seattle kid who loved to tell stories. He grew up writing short stories, making movies, and starting business after business. Be that landscape design of lemonade stands. Dallin’s love for storytelling led him to write and direct a theatrically-released feature film, direct internationally-streamed broadcast productions, and lead media production teams for massive companies like Princess Cruises and Holland America Line.

Entrepreneurs today bring their product or service to the market with a half-baked content strategy. To be everywhere and become the expert and leading voice in your industry you need content. Strategic content is how you share your story and stand out. Content Supply’s strategies are custom built to fast-track you to become the expert everyone raves about and loves.

Connect with Dallin: 

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