Janine Esbrand, a corporate lawyer and executive coach in London, England, and I dive deep into how to streamline her marketing strategy when she has limited time and a million ideas.

She helps women returning to work after maternity leave or a transition, negotiate their work terms so they can balance being a mom with leading a fulfilling career. She has a membership site, course, and podcast, and she recently closed her 1:1 coaching because of time. She works three days a week in the corporate world and spends the other two with her sweet babies.

She would like her membership site to be the core of her business and focus all of her

We talk about:

  • how to tighten up her marketing funnel so that everyone she’s attracting can go into her course AND membership
  • what’s the one thing she needs to drive people to, to simplify everything
  • the four things to outline to maximize a marketing campaign
  • how to use your network to market for you
  • how she uses multiple social channels successfully
  • how to use Facebook ads as a secret traffic weapon
  • the tiny tweaks in your marketing to watch to keep costs down


Connect with Janine

Facebook: facebook.com/ivoryinkdesignco/
Website: lightboxcoaching.com
Balanced Working Mum Challenge

Janine Esbrand is an executive coach, lawyer, and mother of 2. She is the founder of LightBOX Coaching, a coaching and consulting company which helps ambitious women to be intentional and strategic about negotiating their careers beyond motherhood.

When she is not coaching or practicing law, Janine can be found spending time with her husband and 2 young children, playing netball or traveling.