You either have it in spades or wish you did.

It’s one of the most important ingredients you need to have a successful, thriving business.

And one of the least talked about.

On today’s episode, I chat with guest expert Candis Hickman, a personal branding coach who helps women running service-based businesses nail their personal brand and message, about this very topic.

Have you ever noticed that the most put-together brands, seem to have a super confident, powerful woman behind them? It’s not an accident.

Great brands expose confident biz owners.

Here’s a little of what you can expect in this episode:

  • What personal branding is and isn’t, as well as where to get started when creating one.
  • The natural by-product of building a killer personal brand (self-confidence!) and how confidence affects your business as you’re scaling.
  • The unusual marketing method she’s using to explode her business growth
  • How to know if you have an ego problem in your business
  • Candis’s secret for turning a local event into a publicity heyday for your business

About Candis: 

Candis Hickman is the Host of ‘An Evening With’ event series, a Personal Branding Coach, and the Host of Becoming Known, a podcast that’s mission is to provide education and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Early on in her career, Candis was a TV host for WJYS’ Urban Access TV in Chicago, covering fashion shows, restaurant openings, and celebrity interviews. In early 2017 Candis relocated to Miami, Florida where she launched her coaching business teaching entrepreneurs how to build their profitable personal brand. Her work has been featured in Time Out Miami magazine, Fete Lifestyle Magazine, Voyage MIA Magazine, Systems Saved Me podcast and the popular Chicago-based video magazine Glossed & Found.

Connect with Candis: 

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