Today I want to give you my TOP-SECRET way to make your ideal person come to life so you know EXACTLY where to find them, how you can fit into their life and WHAT to offer.

First, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. I already know exactly who I’m selling to, why am I still reading?

Because your curious if you REALLY do know exactly who your person is.

Think about it — what’s more important in a business that sells to customers than figuring out exactly WHO they are selling to?

#truth here >>>

This exercise has been dubbed the creepy exercise from the Marketing Magic Academy members… And I’m not going to lie, it is totally creepy.

Step 1: Stop everything you’re doing right now and close your eyes.

I want you to imagine one perfect client that you’ve either already worked with or want to work within your business.

Now, picture yourself standing outside her/his kitchen window (the majority of my people in here have women clients, so we’ll go with the she pronoun) — picture yourself outside her window looking in.

What do you notice about her? She has no clue you’re standing there — she doesn’t even know you exist yet.

How is she behaving? What thoughts are running through her mind? How does she interact with her family? What is her environment like? What is not getting done that should? How is she dressed? You should have a vivid mental picture flashing across your mind right now of this one person. Instead of a made-up character on a questionnaire, your ideal person is springing to life right now and suddenly it’s becoming easier to understand exactly what YOUR solution will do for her.

What is she looking for that you solve now that you see her?

I want you to braindump everything that is coming to you at this moment. Describe it so vividly that we could all picture her there with you if you were telling us what you saw. These need to be tangible things.

My Ideal Client Example

My ideal person is an entrepreneur who finally feels like she’s going in the right direction. She has a home office that she’s made beautiful by raiding Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Target all in one afternoon in search of the mecca of decorations. Her desk is slightly askew with stacks and papers everywhere… but in a kinda organized way.

She’s passionate and charismatic when talking to others. Her face is lit up when she’s in the zone, or hanging out with her kids. She works at her laptop and rocks out to music while she types, but moves around from thing to thing as if she’s suddenly remembering things she forgot to do.

When she’s frustrated you can see her drop her head back and stare at the ceiling. Or tap a pen nervously against her desk.

She’s extremely driven about what she does and that makes her feel guilty about loving her work. Like she’s a bad mom. Or a robot. Or something. She can get into the zone and crush tasks like no one’s business.

What trips her up is figuring out exactly what comes next. How do accomplish those really big goals and dreams she thinks of while caravaning kids across town or while thinking alone in the shower.

She would consider herself a workaholic, but would never say it aloud. She knows she’s on the brink of getting to five figures — if only she would stop squirreling the day away with busy work. 

She loves self-development, but wouldn’t consider herself woo-woo. She has mantras she reads to herself. Emails that pile up in her inbox untouched and stack of self-help books recommended to her on the corner of the desk, untouched… but she’ll glance at them occasionally +  longingly. She would love to take control of her schedule and get out of the bad word hustle life she’s created for herself.

She’s constantly jotting down new ideas on scraps of paper or sending herself voice memos of things to try next. But looking at her to-do list makes her freeze because there are so many things on there and every time she crosses one thing off, you see her write two more in.

She fake smiles and nods when discussing how successful she is with others… you’d like it’s because she’s not successful. Except that’s not it. She’s actually making 2-5K a month easily — she’s just stuck in a comparison trap and thinks she hasn’t made it still. She REALLY wants to hit the sexy perch of consistent 5-figure months.

If she could just hit five figures each month, THEN she’d be more confident, have more time, be attracting only dreamy clients, she tells herself over and over.

She knows enough about running a business and a million ways to grow it that she’s never considered truly needing help for it. But now that she thinks about it, a light bulb hits her, as it sometimes miraculously does — she’s not consistently being herself out in the world and she’s not explaining what she does well and to the right people. Holy moly.

All this time she thought she was just missing the magic silver bullet. THAT’S why she bought that last course or 10. And has a secret email for optins so her inbox isn’t full by 8 a.m. every day. She’s realizing all at once, it’s not a learning thing.

It’s an action and taking the right path for her business thing.

So she goes nuts looking for planners on Amazon, of course only filtering those that are both cute and on Prime. If she had a magic genie, it would be to have someone she could truly talk things out loud, and filter the good ideas from the bad ones. It’s all those wonderful ideas tumbling around her head at all hours that got her where she is today. But, now she needs more than great ideas, she has to find people to do them, or filter them herself.

Did my ideal person start to come to life? For some of you, it hopefully feels like I’m literally stalking you.

That is the magic of the creepy exercise.

You suddenly fall into their shoes and can see what blank questions about where they shop and what they want  fall short.

When you dive into their life so intimately, details occur to you that wouldn’t otherwise.

My people don’t necessarily want knowledge of marketing — they already know SO much about their business. It’s taking action and doing the things that grow, scale and generate revenue for their business that is tripping them up.

My people need the RIGHT strategy and guided steps to do and when so they feel like they’re actually making progress instead of more to-dos.

What does YOUR people need?

Drop me an email at mallory[at] with YOUR ideal client creepy exercise and get a surprise from me customized JUST for you. 🙂