In the midst of our busy world where every channel seems to be saturated, and every marketing trick ruled a gimmick, how DOES one get in front of their best leads and actually grow a business?

Pull up a seat because today we’re going to dive into some old-school marketing methods that still work today that you need to try.

1. Direct Mail 

Direct Mail is where I first cut my teeth in the marketing world — and a tactic I still use with my biggest client 12 years later to generate qualified leads month after month. But I can already tell you’re scratching your head. It feels strange to you, I know.

Think about it though. We get 100+ emails a day between business and personal accounts — and so many entrepreneurs don’t even have a different email than their personal — so it means your inbox is constantly flooded.

You KNOW you’ve paused in your mail when an interesting letter, package or oversized postcard has shown up AND been highly targeted to exactly what you need.

So why can’t it work for your business?

If you have a big list and can gain addresses, do a direct mail campaign to your list driving them to take that next step with you.

Don’t have a big list? Start locally, or start small.

Direct Mail campaigns don’t have to hit every mailbox on every corner to be effective. They just have to be targeted to the right people with the right message (like every other good marketing tool).

2. Personalization Marketing

This phrase is often called account-based marketing too, but that’s too stuffy for my taste. Basically, I want you to get out of the habit of adding in a personalization tag from your email provider like [FNAME}* and start actually getting personal with your list. Invite them to interact with you on a different channel. Reply back to their emails. Start a conversation on Facebook. Invite them to your group to be social. Ask them if you can call to find out more about their business.

Basically, this means be a true human and get to know your customer. You won’t believe how shocking it will be for your clients and potential clients for you to be so high-touch and truly care.

3. Attend conferences + events

Tradeshows, conferences, vendor booths — all those things scream the 1990s, but yet they are still so effective for generating qualified leads if you go in with a plan to wow and connect with perfect-for-you leads.

How, might you ask? By doing a little detective work up front, and being willing to be genuine and generous while there.
Remember when we talked about how marketing should have no budget if it’s giving you an ROI? Same with these old-school tactics. If you can land highly-qualified leads to be clients that will repeatedly pay your for your services over the next year, why NOT be willing to court them up front?

Find out who’s attending events that’s perfect for you. Be social. Be genuine. Have a killer offer and be a good listener. Your next event may surprise you.

4. Referrals

This one probably doesn’t surprise you that it’s on the list. Yet, it may not be something you focus on for your marketing. It just “happens” in your business.

Referrals are the king of businesses around the world today, and likely how the majority of your businesses got started (or are still getting leads).

Why not turn it into a marketing strategy instead of hoping and praying for the best?

Referrals happen because clients and others around you trust you, know the results you deliver and genuinely like you. So do more of that. Reach out to your best clients. Find out how ELSE you can help. Support them. Promote them. Be yourself. Ask them to help you find more clients exactly like them. Be intentional. It makes a difference.

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