Today is different. It’s not a podcast like I normally create.

It was born out of an experience, born out of necessity, and something I loved creating even more than I imagined.

You see, I had just come of off a power-house women’s conference with women who are kicking butt in business AND STILL trapped by their mind in how far they can do.

I found myself in disbelief at the doubts these incredible women were having about their capabilities and greatness.

And then I stopped, as realized I do the EXACT SAME THING.

That’s the point.

We all get into our heads sometimes and find it hard to believe, accept and see what others see in us.

This baby episode is for you. Download it to your phone. Bookmark it. Save it.

Listen to it when you feel that little voice creeps into your mind.

You were made for SO much more and you’ve got this.