Today’s episode was recorded while my guest Brooke VanHoy, a Disney travel planner, and I were on a road trip to the BEAM Women’s Conference.

So if you notice the audio is different… well that’s why.

In case you didn’t know, Disney travel planning is a free service and the planners get paid on the backend once someone travels by Disney.

But did you know that it’s sometimes harder to sell a free service than a paid one? I kid you not.

On our drive we dove into two topics that you’ll find helpful:

What’s the fastest way to cash? AND How do I market my business when I have a parent company and restrictions placed on what I can and can’t do?

Here are my 8 takeaways from this episode: 

1. Know what your offer is

2. Know WHO is perfect for that offer

3. Know where to reach them

4.  Know the seasons in your business

5. How much time do you really need to close a sale?

6. Personally reach out to the perfect people you wrote out in #2

7. Use your past successes/client work to help you reach your goal.

8. Think outside the box!

Connect with Brooke 
About Brooke: Brooke VanHoy is a Disney travel planner with Mouse Ear Magic, a Gold-Ear Marked Disney Travel Planning Firm that helps make your every Disney wish come true (and for free!) As an avid Disney lover herself, she wanted to help others experience the magic of Disney without the overload. You can follow her at:
Mouse Ear Magic Travel by Brooke