So many entrepreneurs will understand this question because unless we’re incredibly lucky, most of us have pivoted at some point.

How DO you handle the transition for your audience when you pivot your business?

Today’s guest, Carla Day, asks just that as she transitions her service-based baby-proofing business into a podcast — dropping all services for now.

How do I let my audience know I’m pivoting? 

Despite what your initial reactions are, DON’T send a wah-wah email about you taking away your baby-proofing in-home services. That takes the focus off all the amazing opportunities you’re taking with the pivot, and puts the audience on guard to not be as excited as they could be about the business turn since it will come across as a negative announcement.

Approach the announcement instead as the launch for the podcast and say something like, “Hey! Inspector Mama is launching a podcast to answer all of your questions about baby-proofing from when to start, where to go and what are the best (and worst) products on the market.  To submit a question or be considered for a live consultation, click here.”

This type of feel gets your audience hyped up for the transition so that the fact that you’re taking away an offering doesn’t even cross their radar.

How does she monetize the podcast so her business is not just a hobby? 

1. Find sponsors as you grow your business — but most people won’t sponsor you off the bat (especially bigger names). So instead, consider having ideal listeners “sponsor” an episode for a set amount and/or dedicate the episodes to their child, mom, etc. This is a different perspective of sponsoring, which is interesting because it makes the podcast more interactive with your audience.

2. Since you are an expert in your field with baby-proofing AND know the ins and outs of products, consider doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and open an Amazon Associates account so that you can promote your favorite products and get an affiliate fee when your audience purchases the product. If you’re going to be talking about them anyway, it makes sense to have links to them because your audience will want to follow your lead!

Content ideas for keeping the podcast rolling:

  • Product Reviews
  • Solo Episodes on Safety Topics/Themes
  • How-To Baby Proof Sections of Your Home
  • How-To Baby Proof by Age
  • Interviews with Moms on How They Baby-Proofed Their House (like in a condo, apartment, at the beach, with twins, with multiple kids, with tweens, etc)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 
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Connect with Carla:
Carla Day is the owner of Inspector Mama and a Registered Environmental Health Specialist. She never thought that becoming a mother would allow her to harmoniously combine her passions for environmental health, public health, and maternal child health. Inspector Mama provides baby safety and childproofing consultations nationwide to ensure that all little ones can live, play, and grow in a safe home.

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