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Whether you need more foot traffic or just more clients, it’s time to find them in your own backyard.


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marketing your business
doesn’t have to suck 

Modern marketing claims social media is THE way to market for small businesses. The problem is that most business owners don’t see it work, algorithms change and more followers doesn’t mean more revenue. It can all start to feel overwhelming and like you’re missing something everyone else already knows. 

I help local businesses get more clients in their own community, and help online business owners find new clients in their own backyard. 

Let me tell you a secret… I’ve been in marketing for more than a decade and I know exactly what you’re missing. Your offer doesn’t stink. Your business is fantastic. It’s simply time to stop being the best-kept secret and start getting FOUND in your community. 


Luckily, that’s an easy marketing problem to fix

Luckily, that’s an easy marketing problem to fix

Burned by an agency?
Hate social media?
Afraid of wasting money?

Let me introduce you to a revolutionary way to approach marketing: When you love how you market and know exactly how to show up, magic happens.  


How Any Business Can Crush It
With Local Marketing 
(even if you’re an online business)

My business has grown 400% in a year with you. I’ve expanded into two more spaces, started a preschool program and added virtual dance classes. I cannot wait to see what next year brings. You gave me the confidence and nudge to take risks and figure out how to find my people.

Kay Partridge

Owner, Juxtaposition Studios

In the past six months, I’ve opened a new massage therapy studio and tripled my income. 

Tina Hopkins

Owner, Soulfire Massage

“Mallory is priceless! She has helped me show up as my authentic self for my fall launch. With me being myself and her marketing plan for my big launch, I owe my successful $16,000 launch to her. I am forever grateful.”

Melissa Ronda

Owner, MelissaRonda.com

meet mallory 

I’m a local marketing coach with over a decade of experience guiding six and seven-figure businesses. As an IPEC certified business coach, I coach female business owners on how to bring in new leads, consistent revenue and get seen in all the right places in their local market through proven marketing strategies.

Work With Me

As a local marketing coach, here is how I can partner with your brand to help you get more visibility, more leads and more clients, easier.

 Marketing Magic Academy

For businesses just starting or solo entrepreneurs who want to learn how to love their marketing and see real results. The Academy walks you through how to set up your own marketing plan, see results with social media, track what's working and more. 

#GirlBoss Mastermind

For established business owners who want to take their marketing and business to the next level. The Mastermind is for a small group of women growing local businesses to get 1:1 strategy, grow your confidence as a business owner and explode your business growth for 12 months. 


For six-figure business owners and teams who want to get their marketing strategy mapped out and set up in one day. Some projects we've done include knocking out your website's new copy written for conversions, mapping out your next marketing funnel, creating a 90-day visibility plan, and more.

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