A 12-month, high-touch experience for female entrepreneurs, service providers, creatives, therapists and professionals who want exponential growth in their local market

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I help women find their voice, love their numbers and show up BIG in their local communities

it’s time to work with me when you feel…


with a business that’s running them, instead of them running a business


with 100s of ideas but no idea how to turn it into predictable revenue 

afraid of #s

unsure about the metrics that drive their business, so they feel in the dark


not taking full advantage of digital marketing and the power of social media

I only accept 10 women into the #GirlBoss Mastermind, so there are only a few spots left to help women scale their business in 2020.

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My business has grown 400% in a year with you. I’ve expanded into two more spaces, started a preschool program and added virtual dance classes. I cannot wait to see what next year brings. You gave me the confidence and nudge to take risks and figure out how to find my people.

Kay Partridge

Owner, Juxtaposition Studios

In the past six months, I’ve opened a new massage therapy studio and tripled my income. 

Tina Hopkins

Owner, Soulfire Massage

The mastermind was exactly what I needed to propel my business to stability. Not only am I now in the position to pivot comfortably as needed but I am not having to chase down leads or scramble to keep up with all the strings that make a business work.
Alyson Rorem

Owner, Jasper & Fern

In the Mastermind, we will…

💎 uncover revenue sources you’ve never considered

💎 strengthen your brand, messaging & web presence

💎 become well-known & sought out in your local market

💎 attract perfect leads to sell out your offers, products & services

I believe women grow businesses they love to six-figures and beyond when they show up as the boss. When you marry your passion, with your strengths, with smart business choices & know your businesses metrics inside and out, magic happens.  

Who does this work for?

– Women running a local business who want to learn the best online and offline techniques to grow

– Women looking for a community with other business owners unapologetically chasing success and freedom

– Women who are tired of feeling stuck in their business

– Women who want to feel like the CEO of their business AND the talk of the town (in the best way)

meet mallory 

I’m a local marketing coach with over a decade of experience guiding six and seven-figure businesses. As an IPEC certified business coach, I coach female business owners on how to bring in new leads, consistent revenue and get seen in all the right places in their local market through proven marketing strategies.

How does the Mastermind work?

The Mastermind is a both 1:1 coaching and accountability with me to make sure your business is growing and hitting all the goals you’re setting, but also includes community with a close-knit group of business women all looking to take the next step in their business and start growing, but who also don’t want to do it alone anymore. 

Included in the Mastermind:

monthly strategy sessions

MONTHLY STRATEGY SESSIONS: to map out how to hit your big goals and what to focus on each month

bi-weekly check up calls

BI- WEEKLY CHECK IN: Quick 1:1 calls to make sure you’re on track with your goals and to help you stay accountable to making BIG moves

2 3-day beach retreats

TWICE-A-YEAR BEACH RETREATS: to spend three days working ON your business, with all accommodations and food taken care of, with other kick-ass women in the Mastermind.

unlimited Voxer access

VOXER ACCESS: Reach me anytime through Voxer to get instant support, share new ideas, stay on track and have someone in your corner.

monthly hot-seats

MONTHLY HOT SEATS: Dive deep into your business monthly with women in the Mastermind to propel your business faster 

implementation days

MONTHLY IMPLEMENTATION DAYS: to give you time to work ON your business and dive deep, together

access to the Academy

ACCESS TO MY PROGRAMS: Get instant access to the Marketing Magic Academy and any other programs I release during your year in the Mastermind, for free.

website & copy help

WEBSITE & COPY HELP: Get my eyes on your website and all copy written during the Mastermind to make sure it’s written in YOUR voice, draws your ideal client in, and converts.

technical help

TECHNICAL HELP: I’m a tech geek, so I can check your funnels, email automation, website setup, forms, and more to make sure everything works and how to fix it, when it doesn’t.

know this is for you?

WHAT YOU GET (valued at🙂

  1. Monthly LIVE Hot Seats

    (valued at $2,500)

  2. DAILY Unlimited Voxer, Email and Text Access

    >(valued at $10,000)

  3. Unlimited Access to my Academy

    (valued at $5,000)

  4. Monthly Implementation Days

    (valued at >$3,000)

  5. Private Messenger Group

    (valued at $2,500)

  6. FREE access to any paid programs

    (valued at $5,000)

  7. 7. Tech/Copywriting/Website Help

    (valued at $10,000)

• BONUS #1: Introductions to experts
(valued at $2,000)

• BONUS #2: Monthly 1:1 Strategy Sessions
(valued at $3,500)

• BONUS #3: Live 2-Day In Person Retreat
(valued at $7,500)

• BONUS #4: Surprises!!
(valued at $2,500)

TOTAL VALUE: $53,500

For 12 months of The #GirlBoss Mastermind at $53,500  —

If all it did was give you the exact tools, steps and process to crush anything you market starting today until you retire so you could make the income you’re only dreaming of right now, it would be worth it.


But I’m definitely not going to charge you $53,500.

(Cuz that would be crazy.)

I want you to reach all of those goals you’ve set over the next year, so right now I’m offering this for only


(for 12 months)

The women who get the best results need

This is an investment of your time. And your money.
Your business will never look the same.

Let’s help you become the BOSS of your business.

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