At the time of this recording, we’ve been in lockdown for COVID-19 for two months and businesses are just starting to open up in phases across the country. With it comes a lot of uncertainty, fear, and even hope.

What no one seems to be talking about, is What’s Next? And what do our world and businesses look like Mid-COVID, and eventually, post-COVID? 

That’s why I knew I had to bring on Connie Chesner to talk about what’s next for many business owners. Connie is a market research consultant, strategic insights expert and the leader of Armored Team Building and Armored Research. 

During the pandemic, she created a report that helps businesses know how to balance the uncertainty of the world with still running a business and how they approach it with their customer base. In this episode, we get into understanding where your target market is and how you can get the inside scoop of what they’re thinking. 

She tells us about the report she conducted on market motivation and COVID-19 and the 5 major shifts we’ll be seeing as we navigate, “America On Pause”. Connie dives into how to avoid uncertainty in hard times, why you need alignment in your messaging and importantly, how you decipher between facts and fake news. 

We talk about:

  • Connie’s background and what brought her to start her businesses
  • What her report looks at and how she predicts COVID-19 will affect the future of our world
  • How individual business owners should approach their business strategy during this time and build trust with their customers
  • How you can use market research to understand where your customers and clients are at currently
  • Why now is a good time to utilize the creepy exercise with your market
  • How brands can avoid uncertainty in hard times
  • How some companies are coming up with unique ads right now by getting creative and looking at the markets
  • Why you need alignment in your messaging
  • How to know if a source is credible and reliable

About Connie Chesner:

Connie is a master at resiliency and human motivation with 20+ years in psychology, qualitative market research, and hard earned personal experience. She’s been an international media expert, keynote speaker at conferences such as Loyalty 360, a professor, has run projects to launch and reform multi-national brands, and today she weaves that deep understanding into guiding people to stronger leadership and fulfillment.

​Her diverse background in training, mentoring, and guiding others allows her to connect motivational psychology and self-defense training in transformative ways. Krav Maga began as a way to rediscover herself, her trust, and her confidence after a 5-year abusive relationship, but quickly turned into a passion and vehicle to impact teams in revolutionary ways.

​She has successfully founded two businesses and worked within corporations and agencies, allowing a diverse understanding of how individuals and organizations motivate, build trust, maintain, and grow.

Connect with Connie:

Website | LinkedIn

Links Mentioned on This Episode:

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